The licensing contract

The licensing contract is established by SACD between a member author and a user.

It mentions the title of the work concerned and whether the license is given on an exclusive basis or not.

This contract makes it possible for an author (or his/her rights holders) to:

  • authorise a (physical or legal) person  to perform a work,
  • precisely set the conditions under which the work will be performed.

The main provisions in this contract are as follows :

  • duration of the license granted,
  • territories of use,
  • definition of the mode of use (confined to live performances, whereas audiovisual recording and adaptation rights shall be negotiated under separated contracts),
  • author’s remuneration: is always proportional to the proceeds from the work’s exploitation (ratio of royalties, collection calculation basis),
  • number of guaranteed performances, minimum amount per performance and cancellation fees,
  • specific terms negotiated (advance paymant, ...),
  • the procedure for royalties collection by SACD and the various mandatory contributions to which on the user is subject (VAT, social security, other social and administrative contributions).