Performing  arts

The performance contract

The performance contract is established by SACD between a member author and a performing arts entrepreneur.

It states the title of the work concerned and whether the license is given on an exclusive basis or not.

This contractual tool makes it possible for an author (or his/her rights holders) to:

  • authorise a (physical or legal) person  to perform a work,
  • precisely set the conditions under which the work will be performed.

The main provisions in this contract are as follows :

  • length of the license granted,
  • Exploitation territories,
  • Definition of the mode of exploitation (exploitation confined to live performances, whereas audiovisual recording and adaptation rights shall be negotiated under separated contracts),
  • Contract scope (most of the time it concerns only the main original work while other derived forms such as live music on stage, choreography or stage directing will be subject to other agreements)
  • Author’s compensation: is always proportional to the proceeds from the work’s exploitation (ratio of royalties, collection calculation basis),
  • Number of guaranteed performances, minimum amount per performance and cancellation fees,
  • Specific terms negotiated (advance royalties, ...),
  • The procedure for royalties collection by SACD and the various mandatory contributions incumbent on the live show entrepreneur (VAT, social security, other social and administrative contributions).


Your contact points:

The Authors and Users information centre
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75442 Paris cedex 09
+33 (01) 40 23 44 55

The team is available to provide advice on the procedures to apply for authorisations, general terms and conditions of royalties collection, whether for professional or amateur exploitation in France and overseas.