Cultural  actions  /  Promotion

    The funds

    What are the repertoires covered by these funds?

    All SACD repertoires.

    Aids voted by the Board of Directors concern all repertoires managed by SACD: drama, music, dance, choreography, stage directing,  street arts, circus, stand-up comedy and  one-man/woman shows, films, television, animation, radio, interactive creations.

    What are the various types of aid provided through cultural action?

    • Subsidies to events liable to give more visibility to authors and contemporary creation ….
    • Funds to support creation, production and broadcasting/circulation,
    • Arts grants to authors for: writing, production, translation and publishing awarded by Beaumarchais-SACD association,
    • In Belgium and Canada, specific actions initiated by SACD Belgium and Canada, in conjunction with the Paris-based cultural action department,
    • « Entr'Actes » (Intermission): a body in char (

    Criteria for granting of aids and grants?

    To be eligible for support by SACD or its cultural action or project should meet several key criteria:

    • Conform to the legal obligations in order to use the resources of private copy
    • Respect author’s rights
    • Draw from SACD’s repertoires
    • Focus on living contemporary French-speaking authors
    • Emphasize diversity in writing
    • Present a well thought-out budget.

    For each application, please refer to the specific regulations and forms applicable as per the type of aid targeted.

    How to apply for a subsidy concerning an event overseas?

    Aim: Support those events that encourage the presence of French-language authors member of SACD and the promotion of their performing art/audiovisual works outside the French soil.

    Eligibility criteria

    • The event should stage works that are not in the public domain and fall within the scope of SACD,
    • It should at least be a two-day event and feature a minimum of 4 public performances/readings or films.
    • The event should be able to call on the support of other partners.
    • In the case of performing art events, the organising unit must have honoured the payment of any royalties for the previous edition of the event to SACD or to the collective management society having signed a reciprocal agreement with SACD.

    How to submit a request for subsidy to the cultural action department?

    The subsidy application files must comprise the following:

    • a subsidy application letter,
    • a file describing the festival/event,
    • a provisional budget and financing plan,
    • a financial and activity report of the event’s previous edition,
    • The form to be downloaded.
      This document duly completed is a pre-requisite for your file to be submitted to the commission.

    Incomplete requests will not be examined.
    Deadline for filing requests: 30 November 2011

    The subsidy request files (281 Ko) should be sent by postal mail to the Cultural Action department, attention of Clémence Bouzitat and Christine Coutaya at the following address:
    SACD - Service de l'action culturelle
    11 bis rue Ballu
    75442 Paris Cedex 09

    Review of the application files

    After the request files have been received and examined by our appointed staff, they are submitted to the relevant commissions. You shall be informed of the decision by mail at the latest one month after the relevant commissions have convened  (note that no justification is given for said decisions).

    Remittal of the subsidy

    The subsidy is remitted in two instalments: the first part is paid when the partnership convention is signed and the remainder upon receiving the activity and financial report. A subsidy renewal request may only be considered on the basis of the above report.