Audiovisual  Formalities


Any exploitation of a work registered in the repertoire of SACD is subject to remuneration of the author every time it is broadcasted.

Collective management of authors’ rights

By joining SACD, an author entrusts the society with the right to authorise or refuse public performance and reproduction of his/her works.  This is materialised in every contract by the addition of a reddendum which governs SACD’s interaction with French-speaking broadcasters.

By virtue of this assignment, SACD has, in most cases with the other authors societies, negotiated a so-called “general representation contract” with all of the French broadcasters.  Under the terms of this contract, any broadcaster is authorised to exploit the works of the repertoire of signatory societies against a global remuneration proportional to all of its proceeds, whether in the form of royalties, advertising, sponsoring or subscriptions.

SACD is also involved whenever the work is exploited by television, radio, Video-on-demand (VoD), on audio (CD) or video (DVD) media.

Royalties collection

In the framework of collective management
For television, cinema and radio works, SACD provides for the collection of royalties generated through the general contracts signed with TV chains and/or operators, whether terrestrial TV, satellite or cable TV, Video-on-demand (VoD) or remuneration for private copying.

Collection from broadcasters: broadcasters pay an annual fee proportional to their revenues and for all authors’ societies.  The bulk amount is then broken down between the various societies according to the use of their respective repertoires.

As part of individual management
Whether the contract is signed by SACD or not, it should mandatorily include the SACD reddendum clause.
When the contract is negotiated by SACD, the following points are checked:

  • exploitation of the works through annual submission of accounts (statement),
  • the various sales that the producer may make/have made in order to check if the guaranteed minimum is paid back,

When the contract is negotiated directly with a producer, SACD can deal with the producers if all three requirements below are met:

  • no remuneration has yet been received,
  • there is no pending litigation,
  • the contract indeed conforms with SACD’s fundamental rules.

Distribution of royalties

The distribution of royalties between the authors is based on the allocation or “distribution” key referred to in the Registration Form. Distribution is made:

  • For rights subject to « individual management»: on the 14th of the month following reception of the royalties,
  • For rights subject to «collective management»: most of the time according to a quarterly schedule.