Performing  arts  Formalities


A written work is the fruit of the work of its author and is the author's property

By virtue of the above, an author is entitled to remuneration in exchange for the exploitation of his/her work. Any work (theatre text, staging, choreography, etc) declared in the SACD repertoire must give rise to remuneration every time the work is performed.

Proportional remuneration

Under the terms of proportional remuneration, the royalties are equal to a percentage of the performance's takings, or of its selling price. Alternatively, a minimum guaranteed amount will be calculated. In any case, SACD will use whatever solution is most advantageous to the author.

Distribution of royalties at short notice

Following performance of the work, the author receives, on the 14th of the following month, a royalties’ statement, and money is transferred to the author's account. Just like a normal salary, authors' rights are liable to tax and social charges (social security, additional pension contribution, and the CSG and RDS mandatory contributions, in France). The payment of authors' rights does not relieve the producer from remunerating the author for his contribution as choreographer or director, as the case may be.