Performing  arts  Formalities

Registering a performing art work

The registration form is a legal document, like the «ID Card» of the work, which enables SACD to collect the royalties pertaining to the exploitation of your work(s) and pay you accordingly.

The form is also a contract between the various joint authors of a work and formalises everyone’s approval as to the apportionment of royalties based on their respective contribution.

The form is instrumental in keeping track of any adaptations of a work over time.  If your work is used, « covered » or adapted, or if yourself you adapt or borrow from another author’s work, the registration form will help identify all the authors (original authors and authors of the derived version).

Performing art work registration

Instructions in English in order to help you fill in the form (50 Ko)
Form for performing art work registration (french version) (1.8 Mo)
Explanatory notice (french version) (73 Ko)


Associated performing art work declaration

Several works may be added to a “performing art work” as and when new shows or tours are organised.   A dedicated registration form called “associated performing art work” may thus be used by the authors of such stage direction, choreographic and/or stage music work to register their own contribution.   Such associated works are combined with an existing performing art work to enhance it with new material in the context of a spectacle.  The “performing art work” may thereafter be performed, or presented as a reprise, with or without its “associated works” or again with new “associated performing art work”.

Instructions in English in order to help you fill in the form (22 Ko)
Form for associated performing art work declaration (french version) (1.8 Mo)
Explanatory notice (french version) (67 Ko)


For all performing art lists

Several lists are available for you to report all of the items or titles making up your work:

Download:Instructions in English in order to help you fill in the form (22 Ko)
The “list of works” (sketches, choreographies, scripts...) can be used to “declare” the title of each piece of work (sketch...) included in your work. (0.9 Mo)
The “list of music pieces” (whether already existing, original or in the Public Domain) (80 Ko)

Authorisation for work(s) to be exploited

SACD is mandated by its authors-members to manage their performance rights in the context of performing arts.
The author nevertheless retains the right to authorise or deny performance of his/her work.  As part of this mandate, SACD is involved in the formalisation of the agreement given to the live show entrepreneur in the form of a letter of engagement or agreement.  The latter are limited in time and geographical scope of application while also providing for the mode of exploitation, exclusive or non-exclusive rights and the terms for collection of the royalties.