Cultural  actions  /  Promotion

    Our missions

    Supporting creation, broadcasting/circulation and training

    The 1985 law which established the remuneration of private copying to the authors’ benefit, also calls upon management societies to develop a cultural action policy by contributing to “actions in support to creation, the circulation of performing arts and artist training”.

    The Board of Directors is responsible for laying down the cultural action policy of SACD, its guidelines and budget allocations.  
    Its strategy evolves to adapt to the changing challenges of creation.


    How is SACD’s cultural action budget financed?

    Essentially through private copy remuneration.
    The cultural action budget is not funded through a levy on royalties but through the private copy remuneration collected by authors’ societies on sales of blank recording media (audio-cassettes, CDs, DVDs, removable digital media).  75% of these moneys are distributed between the authors while 25% are allotted to the cultural action budget.