Our missions

    The primary mission of SACD is to ensure the collective management of copyrights by collecting and distributing their associated royalties.

    Its scope covers all audiovisual works: cinema (short and feature films), television (television films and series), animation films, radio fictions, interactive creations (…) and performing arts: theatre, opera, musicals, musical theatre, live music on stage, humour, choreography, skits, stage direction, circus, street arts, mime, puppet arts, light and music shows…

    SACD also has the following missions:

    • economic and legal:  by assisting authors in negotiating their contracts and checking and distributing the royalties that are due to them. Bilateral relationships have been established with other national societies abroad so that royalties can be paid for all works represented whether in France or overseas.
    • cultural: to promote creation and the circulation of French-language contemporary works in France and abroad, as well as to promote authors.
    • social: authors experiencing difficulties during their career can count on SACD for advice and help in their administrative procedures or even sometimes financial support. 
    • advocacy: to promote and defend authors’ rights on the international scale through institutional lobbying aimed at protecting and promoting authors’ rights in  a changing environment.