A library to promote authors and their works

A genuine resource centre, the library is a place where works registered with SACD are kept available for further broadcasting or circulation. SACD collects and circulates texts performed (whether published or not) and provides information as to their exploitation.

Its collections boast some 200,000 documents from the 17th century to this day on various forms of performing arts (theatre, music, dance, radio, cinema, television).  The library also acts as a heritage library.  It runs the archives and information of SACD on over 200 years of history of the performing arts.  These archives offer a wealth of information on the history of SACD, the authors’ repertoires, the programming of theatres and the battles fought by authors for their rights.  The library also maintains archive funds of theatre, music, dance, radio, cinema and television authors.

The computerised catalogue, a real search tool

Access to over 27,000 bibliographical references from a multi-criteria search engine. Click here to look up the library’s on-line catalogue.

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