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    Promotion of contemporary French-language works and authors and the Entr’Actes website

    The Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (SACD) is engaged in the promotion abroad of contemporary French-language works selected by the Entr’Actes reading committee.

    It promotes these texts with its partners (agents, translators, theatres, festivals, French institutes and cultural services, etc.). These scripts, which are performed or published in France, are representative of a great diversity of writing and also include the radiobroadcast and youth repertoires.  Thesse texts are circulated in either the original French version or their translation into other languages.
    Besides, SACD, as part of its cultural action, contributes to the emergence and development of large-scale events based around French-language dramatic works in the whole world (festivals, publishing, residences, etc.).

    The bilingual electronic Newsletter Actes du Théâtre reports on these activities and presents:

    • the plays selected (summaries, author biography, excerpts …),
    • interviews with the authors,
    • news on French-language theatre overseas.

    This newsletter is available on line:


    Your contacts

    Sabine Bossan
    +33 (01) 40 23 44 14
    In charge of authors promotion (reading committee, chief editor of Actes du Théâtre and the Entr’Actes website).

    Sandrine Grataloup +33 (01) 40 23 47 56
    In charge of international promotion (proposals, sending and marketing of dramatic works, international events in the framework of SACD’s cultural action)