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How to deposit works

The deposit constitutes proof of the existence of a work on a given date.

What is the difference between depositing a work and becoming a member?

They are two completely different things.
Depositing a work does not lead to the author concerned automatically becoming a member of the SACD, and is not to be confused with registration. You must become a SACD member to make sure your rights are protected and your royalties collected.

What is the legal value of the deposit?

The depositing of a work is the proof that the work exists.
The deposit constitutes proof of the existence of a work on a given date (the deposit date).

What type of works can be deposited at the SACD?

All types
That is:
Audiovisual fiction work, audiovisual documentary work, other audiovisual creations, radio, multimedia, stills / photographs, theatre, choreography, operatic works, other works of performing art, other musical works, literary works, other works intended for the printed media, graphic works, software, etc.

How can I deposit a work?

The work must be placed in an envelope.
The medium (text, video, cassette, CD-ROM etc.) must be placed in an envelope obtained from the Depositing service and on which a number of boxes are to be filled in, so that the contents may be identified.
This envelope is to be returned to the Depositing service, along with a cheque for €46.00 made out to the SCALA.
Once this payment has been received, a numbered receipt is given to the depositor (who must keep it), along with a "Paid" invoice, enabling VAT to be claimed back, where applicable.

How long will my deposit be valid?

5 Years
The period of validity is 5 years, starting on the date of deposit shown on the receipt.
At the end of this period, the deposit may be renewed for 5 years at a time, at a cost of €23.00.
If, at the end of the five-year period, the deposit is not renewed, the document may be recovered within 3 months, failing which it will be destroyed.


Contact details for Depositing service

SACD - Pôle Relations Auteurs Utilisateurs
+33 (01) 40 23 44 55