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How to become a member

Your work is to be presented in france or abroad: you can become an sacd member

From the point where your work is going to be performed in a public context or broadcasted on a general-public channel, public or private, on a theme channel (cable or satellite), inside or outside French territory, you will need to become a member if the Society is to manage the collection of your royalties, and defend your general interests.

Regardless of whether you write for the performing arts or the audiovisual sector, the SACD will not be in a position to assist you or collect your royalties unless and until you become a member.

Budding authors: I have not yet written a work for public exploitation. Can I become a member anyway?

Yes. Even if none of your works has been exploited in the public arena, you can become a SACD member if you can supply us with:

  • either a diploma certifying your successful graduation from a cinema school or a writing conservatory, or a similar establishment recognised by the SACD (see list French version).
  • or a written recommendation from two SACD full-member sponsors. This letter must certify that you are an author and that your works are covered by the SACD repertoires. Note that the “godchild” does not necessarily have to work in the same discipline as the sponsors.

Your rights and obligations as an SACD member

  • You transfer to the SACD the management of the adaptation and performance rights of your works, in consequence whereof the SACD will determine the minimum financial terms and conditions of exploitation, and will handle the collection and distribution of your royalties.
  • You have the right to authorize or forbid the performance of your works by means of SACD intervention, the only body authorized to defend your moral rights.
  • You acquire one share in SACD, and have the right to participate in SACD’s life as a society, including voting at General Meetings.
  • You are entitled to the support and services of the SACD.

SACD support and services

As a member, you are entitled to SACD support and services:

  • information on authors’ rights and membership status;
  • legal counselling;
  • cultural activities and access to the Maison des Auteurs and the SACD library;
  • a subscription to the Journal des Auteurs
  • a number of other membership card advantages

Membership formalities

  • complete the Membership Agreement Form,
  • provide a passport-sized photograph,
  • a photocopy of your identity card (recto verso) or of your passport,
  • details of your bank or post-office account, for bank or postal transfers,
  • pay the sum of €48.00 (by cheque made out to the SACD), corresponding to the share which you are to acquire in the Society.
  • pay an annual membership fee of € 40.00.


Contact details to become a member

SACD - Pôle Relations Auteurs Utilisateurs
+33 (1) 40 23 44 55