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Formalities outside France

Performing arts: helping authors internationally

If your work is to be performed abroad, sacd can provide assistance with contract negotiations and manage the collection and distribution of your royalties.

Your status as an author outside France

SACD has passed reciprocal agreements (french version) (103 Ko) with authors’ societies outside of France in order to protect authors and collect their rights. Moreover, international conventions ensure that French authors enjoy the same rights as local and international authors. There is a guaranteed minimum rate, and the other conditions are defined by mutual agreement, following negotiation.

The role of SACD

On receiving a request to adapt, produce or tour a work (agent, producer, company, translator) the Promotion and Contracts Department in the country in question will negotiate the author's contract. It will also handle collection and distribution of your royalties. SACD also issues authorizations to make live TV and radio recordings of stage performances.

What are the Basic Conditions?

The following 5 criteria must be satisfied before SACD authorizes performance of a work:
1. A guaranteed percent of gross box office takings: author and translator generally receive 60% and 40% respectively of the negotiated royalties;
2. The translation is submitted to the author for approval;
3. The duration of the authorization is limited, and is generally no longer than 5 years;
4. Exclusivity depends on the nature of the project;
5. An advance is generally requested.

Tours outside of France

SACD will be glad to help you organize your tour and defend your rights.
For more information regarding touring outside France, please contact
For more information on signing contracts in your best interests, please see "Clause proposal for License Agreements (french version)".
A copy of the signed contracts is to be sent to the SACD with the performances calendar. Just after the performances, the statement of receipts (french version) (300 Ko) must be duly filled out and sent to
Even if only one person is paying for the tour, you can still ask SACD for assistance:

Comments on Dance

  • Stage music
    SACD does not handle pre-existing music (published or not). If your dance piece is being performed outside France, the music will be handled by the appropriate Society of Composers or by the music publishers.
    SACD does however handle original music for choreographic works, i.e. created specifically for the work performed.
  • Collection rates
    The associated provisions suggested by the SACD (see below) refer to a base rate of 10%.
    - This rate applies when SACD represents all parties involved in the project (choreographer, composer and story-line author)
    - If this is not the case, i.e. SACD represents only some of the people involved (the choreographer, for example), only the percentage of royalties due to the SACD author member will be calculated.
  • For dance tours outside France, please refer to the dance information sheet.


In this case, SACD collects royalties in one of two ways:

  • either directly from the producer of the event;
  • or through agents or authors' societies, when such entities exist in the country where the performances have taken place.


A team in the Department will handle the distribution of royalties for performances outside France. The royalties are distributed on the 14th of the month following receipt of the royalties from abroad.

Royalties Distribution Contracts :