Collective management

Collective management of copyrights – just a simple procedure with SACD.

By joining SACD, authors have empowered the society to authorise or deny public performance and reproduction of their audiovisual works.

Concerning the modes of exploitation to which collective management is applied, and in accordance with the Code of Intellectual Property, in return for the authorisation granted to users to exploit all the works in its repertoire, SACD will negotiate a global fee proportional to all of the proceeds generated, whether it be through the broadcast receiver tax, advertising, sponsoring or subscriptions.

The copyrights collective management mechanism thus allows users to have a general performance contract which relieves them from a legal point of view, whatever the future editorial outline, and ensures they can use the works of SACD members in full peace of mind.  
This general performance contract is different in nature from the contracts signed by the users with the producers or distributors in acquiring the rights to exploit a given work, a series or a catalogue insofar as the latter earmark the royalties which they pay directly to SACD via a general performance contract.

We hope this simplified description will help understand how these two approaches are complementary and to what extent each one of them is strictly necessary.
The growing diversity of networks and modes of exploitation, however, tends to bring about other mechanisms which do not exactly follow this pattern.

By choosing your profile from the menu offered, you will access more fine-grained information to match as closely as possible the formalities that you need to complete with SACD in order to comply with French Authors law.

If your project or profile is not covered by this choice of options, please contact our Audiovisual department so we can examine with you the nature of your project and the best conditions under which you may pay off the royalties.


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