Audiovisual  Formalities

Authorising exploitation of the work by drawing up a contract

By law it is mandatory to enter an agreement in writing.

The said agreement will specify the terms under which the author assigns his/her rights to the producer.

The license agreement entered into by the author and the producer will lay down the following, amongst other things:  nature of the requested work, specifications, schedule and deadlines of requested contributions, extent of rights assigned, term and territory of exploitation, remuneration.

SACD reddendum

This contractual provision should feature in the individual production contract.  The reddendum states that your rights, entrusted to SACD, will give rise to royalties collected by the latter from broadcasters or other users.  The remuneration remitted by SACD notably concerns TV broadcasting, or broadcasting by way of video, multimedia, pay-per-view and on-demand video.