Core principles

SACD and its authors at the core of the audiovisual industry’s development.

SACD is an indispensable partner in the French and French-speaking audiovisual landscape. It represents some 12,000 audiovisual authors and rights-owners. Its authors are already very active with over 80,000 of their works and 180,000 hours of programmes broadcasted on radio or TV (2006 figures).

Every year over 12,000 new audiovisual works are added to SACD’s repertoire, whether scripts or productions, thus testifying to SACD’s role in this dynamic industry.

These works include film and television fictions in all formats, animation, skits and recordings of live performances.

This creative diversity is now destined to be exploited by various broadcasters, on all types of screens, media and networks, all of which in turn are eager to partake in the creation of new works and new formats. 

Today we are experiencing great upheavals in the audiovisual world and this entails a tremendous increase in the potential number of users of SACD’s repertoire.  With the resulting multiplication of new business and technical models for their use, this development - with all its legal implications- cannot be considered without the authors’ involvement, their authorisations for the exploitation of their works and the associated income.

SACD: one-stop service to secure general authorisation fall its members

SACD can count on the input of its authors who, by becoming members, have entrusted their society with the right to authorise or deny the public performance and reproduction of their audiovisual works.  This system facilitates the users’ formalities as SACD provides them with one-stop service.

Your points of contact

The Authors and Users Information Centre and the Audiovisual department at your service.

You have an audiovisual project and would like to know what your obligations are in terms of copyrights? Every single case must be reviewed as one of its own kind in order to identify the best possible legal and business solution.

For us to get a better insight into the way you wish to use our repertoire, our Authors and Users Information Centre will find the right questions to ask you and then direct you to the Audiovisual department as required.


Your points of contact

Authors and Users Information Centre
9 rue Ballu
75442 Paris cedex 09
+33 (01) 40 23 44 55